This is the website for an interdisciplinary workshop on “Science for Development” jointly hosted by the International Science Council’s (ISC) Regional Office for Africa (ROA) and the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD), both supported by the Department of Science and Innovation and National Research Foundation. The host organisations are grateful to several other key partners who have come on board and who are listed below.

30-31 January 2020

South African Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa

● Bring together experts from both science and development fields, especially from across Africa, in an atmosphere where they can freely discuss and find common grounds regarding socio-economic development.
● Stimulate collaborations and partnerships between scientists and development experts or practitioners.
● Generate ideas and plans for interdisciplinary science-for-development projects, which could be incubated/piloted within the OAD or ROA networks, and potentially expanded globally.

The following organisations have expressed support for this initiative and will bring their funding and/or expertise to the table (click on logos to visit websites or read more about them here):