The Scientific Organising Committee for this meeting will be responsible for selecting speakers and determining the programme. They will also make recommendations for the award of travel support.

The current committee consists of the following members (subject to change as more partners come on board):

  • Daniel Nyanganyura (ISC) – co-chair
  • Kevin Govender (OAD) – co-chair
  • Richard Glover (ISC)
  • Vanessa McBride (OAD/UCT Astronomy)
  • Nomasomi Gasa (ISC ROA)
  • Tawanda Chingozha (OAD/RESEP)
  • Carolina Odman (IDIA)
  • Brian Masara (SAIP)
  • Martin Wittenberg (DataFirst/UCT Economics)
  • Thokozani Simelane (HSRC)
  • Niruj Mohan Ramanujam (SARAO/ASI POEC)
  • Thelma Oppelt (HSRC)
  • Fernando Camilo (SARAO)
  • Mmaki Jantjies (UWC)
  • Michelle Kuttel (UCT)
  • Daniel Moeketsi (CSIR/NICIS/CHPC)